The Difference

Credit Building
Credit Restoration
As your personal coach, I will help you start to re-build your credit or in some cases build from scratch. Building positive credit is just as important if not MORE important then just getting negative items removed. Unfortunately, adding positive tradelines can be a difficult task for those that need it most, as obtaining credit often requires a high credit score. That alone is what I think seperates me from the rest! Alot of companies dont take the time to teach the importance of credit re-building
Credit Restoration is very different from Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy does NOT help your credit do NOT believe the hype! It will drop your score 100+ points or more! Also it can cost you $1000 or more! It can remain on your credit report for 7-10 years, therefore making it difficult to get approved for anything without being ripped off for it. Also im my service is different because I charge a ONE TIME Fee! Dont get ripped off by paying hundreds of dollars for this kind of service! Monthly payment companies just want your money! So I ask you what do you have to lose besides your less than perfect credit?

The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows anyone to start investigations on inaccurate items on their credit reports. The FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) and the FDCPA (Fair Debts Collections Practices Act) were designed to protect your rights, and initiated to hold creditors and credit agencies legally responsible for all claims they make against you. Any inaccurate, incomplete, outdated or unverifiable accounts must be removed or corrected.
Client Results
On my social media pages I post client results as soon as I get them! All results are posted confidentially for the client. Also on my Facebook Business page I have client reviews from satisfied customers! See the bottom of the page for links!
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With good credit, you have more financial options and opportunities. Better credit means you will save yourself money over time! Your credit history is one of the most important factors banks will consider when you apply for a loan, credit card or even apartments. Building a good credit history makes it more likely you’ll be approved for them. Plus, many lenders offer better terms and lower interest rates to people with good credit histories.