I get alot of the same questions, so I added a few here
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    How long does it take?
    Everyone's credit situation is completely different, so how long it takes for you depends on the number of derogatory credit items on your reports, your participation in getting credit reports to us, your ability to pay overdue debt, and the level of credit bureau cooperation. We will do our part by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your credit reports and creating dispute letters based on the results, usually within 48 hours from the date we receive them. Most of the wait-time after is usually spent waiting for the credit bureaus or creditors to respond.
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    How much will score increase?
    The actual amount will vary per customer. There are many factors that affect a credit score besides derogatory items. For example, the ability to pay down revolving debt, the type of credit you have, your length of credit history, even the number of inquiries on your credit file. It is especially important that no current accounts fall into a negative status.
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    What documents are needed?
    The credit agencies require proof of identity and proof of residence before they will investigate your account. We attach these verification documents to each one of your dispute letters. A list of accepted documents has been provided below: Social Security Verification, (Photocopy of your Social Security card)Address Verification. Bills usually work best (phone, light, gas etc.) but any mail will do as long as its not junk mail and it has your complete name and current address. Clear copy of your ID.
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    How long to hear response?
    You will receive updated credit reports from all three credit agencies within 30 to 45 days. At that time you will see what was deleted, updated or revised. Please forward these updated credit reports to me so that we can continue working on the remaining items. If the credit agency does not respond to your dispute letter, no need to worry, a new letter will be generated when your file is reviewed every 60 days.
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    What if Im not satisfied?
    There is a refund policy in place if your not satisfied with your results! You have to go thru half the service in order to be eligible. Please note any negative items removed will be applied to you refund. I cant have you go thru the service, get things removed then ask for a refund. The price per item varies with each client.
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    How is your service different?
    The different is I will be your personal coach thru the whole process. Communication is the key when you are trying to re-build your credit. Especially when most people dont understand credit in general. There are many different ways to contact me. By phone, email, or even thru social media sites as I am very active. Also I charge a ONE TIME FEE! dont be ripped off by these companies that want $80-$100 a month for this service. Its just a RIP-OFF! The tips and education I provide are priceless and will help you maintain your good credit long after your service has ended.